Hello! My name is Daniel Roop, I am a self-taught woodworker and enjoy developing my woodworking skills and expanding my abilities each and every year. I make a large range of items from home decor to practical items for use in your everyday life. There are few things that are able to match the feeling of accomplishment and joy that you are given by making something with your own hands. Self-motivation comes naturally when you learn new techniques and see improvements in your work. Similar to many people with constructive hobbies, my shop started with just a miter saw and a small hand drill but didn’t take long to expand. Additions to the toolbox include but are not limited to a table saw, band-saw, drill press, 3D printer, and CNC router. My shop is now the place I spend my most of my spare time!

I like to create items for myself, family, friends, and for others to purchase as gifts for the people that are most important to them. Take a look around the website, the Latest News page regularly contains posts about events that I attend or items that I make. The Gallery page features photos of many finished projects and progress pictures that I may (or may not) have taken along the way. Many of my items will be available on the Etsy store and in person at any show that I attend (check this website or my Facebook for show dates and times). If you have a project in mind or see an image of something that you’d like to have, let me know! I am mo

Check out the projects that I have featured below. These are some of my personal favorites!


The sliding lid wine box is a perfect for any wine lover, it includes a smooth wax finish and a customized message on the lid.


This dovetail keepsake box is a great vessel to gift jewelry and any other small items in. Some of these I’ve made include velvet padding on the bottom.


Geometric jewelry box made from walnut and hickory scraps that I had in the shop. 


You can view posts that include more information about the above items and events on my Latest News page. Additional photos can be found in the photo gallery. See something you like? Contact me via Facebook, Instagram, or my contact page found here.

For quotes and additional questions follow the above social links or use the contact form on this page.