Christmas 2018!

Christmas of 2018 has now passed and the gifting season is winding down. I am glad to have had a few commissions for gifts including a few cutting boards, signs, and a couple custom jobs. There is something about making an item that someone cares enough about to gift to a loved one that is very rewarding and I am glad to be involved in these exchanges. Personalized or custom items are always a bit exciting in their own way as they often require new designs to be drafted or create new challenges to work through. 



The first of the custom jobs was a copy/modify piece of one that the customer had seen in a store but wanted customized. It’s a phone holder that fit 2 smartphones for charging, a pair of eye-glasses and misc. items in the lower tray. It was customized to fit the recipient’s personality with prairie grass lining the bottom edge. 

The second custom piece is a memento frame that was made from a baluster that was removed from a home before it was demolished. This specific piece has great meaning for the recipient as the old farmhouse they called home for over twenty years was removed from a property destined for farmland. I was able to make two frames from the one section of banister that was provided. 

I had also made three cutting boards for Christmas 2018 for some friends and family of my own. These are personalized with names and fun graphics and made out of some hard maple that was given to me by a buddy of mine. 


All in all 2018 was a good year for WMC with plenty of new experiences and focuses that seemed to pay off in the end not only with a bit of business during the holiday season but skills and techniques that I acquired along the way. The prospect of 2019 and what will come along with it is exciting and keeps me optimistic! If you are interested in ordering anything like the orders above, check out my shop or contact me for a custom order!

BRPM 2018

I attended and hosted a booth at the 124th Big Rock Plowing Match craft show on September 15 and 16, 2018. This was the second annual BRPM that I attended as a vendor.

This year I focused more on signs and home decor than anything else. Last year I had brought a few signs but ended up selling benches… of all things!

The signs are currently posted all over my Etsy, website, and Instagram. While I have yet to get much feedback on these, I believe they are perfect, subtle, and natural looking decorations that could fit into any home. Other signs would include the pallet wood family name signs with the letters that are 3D instead of carved into a single block. The plowing match fell on a quite warm weekend nearing the end of summer. i personally believe that the warm weather and busy season was to blame for the lower foot traffic. While the event was still a success, it seemed that there were less people than the following years.

This year, I decided to introduce the oak signs (like I previously said) and a few other items like the 6 pack bottle carriers and the mini cutting boards! I will admit that it is still difficult trying to decide what exactly to focus on when attending show. I believe the variety is good but I’d imagine there is the possibility of having bit too broad of a selection for customers.

All-in-all the event seemed to go well for all parties involved and us vendors enjoyed chatting amongst ourselves when the crowds slowed. If you ever hear of a local event, I’m always open and interested in new places and people! Contact me using the form on the contact page.

Hinckley Il, Vendor Event


The first annual Spring into Summer Vendor Event occurred on April 30th in the HBR High School. I brought smaller items like the oak/walnut wine displays. Flea markets will bring larger objects like refinished and up-cycled antiques. You can view some images of this vendor event below!

Small handmade price block and sliding lid wine box with wood curl padding
Bottle top wine displays and keepsake boxes
Two sliding lid keepsake boxes